Serhan Ali aka MONDO LOCO is a long time collector and DJ of Turkish vinyl, beginning his DJ career in 2006 with the infamous Uber Lingua crew! he has introduced Melbourne to the unheard sounds Anatolian funk and Turkish psychedelic gems unearthed from the dusty forgotten crates that time had forgotten about. Mondo Loco has over time played support for international artists Omar Souleyman, Checkpoint 303, Cumbia Cosmonauts, Curse of Dialect and many more, expect a journey of Wild Anatolian funk, disko and acid-folk rock with enough psychedelic Synths to make you lose your mind! 

Baris Agkoc, AKA DJ Baba Noir, has his musical roots in Istanbul venues but moved to Australia, with his Turkish vinyl collection, a few years ago. He recently joined DJ Mondo Loco to perform alongside local Melbourne DJ master Serhan. Baris spent his youth traveling Anatolia listening to the musical heritage of his country and discovering the deeply-rooted, organic sounds of multicultural diversity that is Turkey: Turks, Armenians, Kurds, Georgians and Azerbaijanis. His collection connects European and Anatolian sounds in the Turkey of the 1970s and features rare pressings of Anatolian pop, funk, prog rock, psych folk and, of course, Turkish Disco.